The 307 Athlete Academy is not just a strength and conditioning program. We are a dedicated team of coaches, athletes and trainers with a wide variety of athletic coaching experience on and off the field.

Traditional strength and conditioning programs have produced some great results in the past have failed to evolve and adapt to new, safer and more effective training methods. At the 307, we are fueled by a passion to be on the cutting edge of training methodologies to give you the results you will be able to transfer to success in your sports. We have spent years testing and developing a program that will increase GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Why? Because you are training to become a well rounded human athlete. Ultimately, that is what will make you better at all sport, and that is what stands out to college and professional coaches.

We offer individual, small group, School PE Class and full team programs. Programs can be as minimal as purely programming to full strength and conditioning sessions with multiple coaches. We offer training for your coaches to learn how to apply our methods safely and effectively. 

Our programs include everything needed to train our youth how to be fully rounded athletes. Main features include strength, conditioning, gymnastics, mobility, attitude, confidence and mental preparation all while teaching how to prepare safely and with proper technique. A healthy athlete can train more than an injured athlete, and more effective training leads to better progress in the gym which leads to more success on the field.